Readers' Comments Regarding the Festool OF 1000 E Plunge Router

A few comments regarding the Festool OF 1000 Router From Jeff Smith:

Thanks for the excellent review there Jack! I don't know if you know or not, but I bought the router a few weeks ago. I really like it. You did, however, point out the major negative that plagues the design (in my opinion), the tendency to inadvertently lock the trigger. That's happened to me almost every time I've used it.

The other negative is that 8mm shank. That's a problem. Yes, you can buy bits from Festool, but at least in the catalog I have, they don't have a 1/4" (6mm) cove or fluting bit. They've got some really nice bits (I bought 3 with the router), but not the best selection. I'd describe their offering as "wide but shallow." Lots of styles of bits, but not a lot of size variance in each style.

But overall, there's just not much bad to say about it. It killed me to have to load my 1/2" shank 3/8" fluting bit in my old PC router and leave the Festool in the Systainer yesterday, though. That PC is just not in the same league with the Festool. It's noisy, comparatively hard to hold, and now I've gotta vacuum my shop!

Again... thanks! That's an excellent review!