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CycleAware Reflex Helmet Mirror Review

Web Page Updated on August 29, 2001


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Reflex1 I am accustomed to riding with a mirror installed on the brake hoods. I ride with my hands on the hoods about 70% of the time. The mirror is great, but my left hand gets sore due to the extra bulk of the mirror bracket and strap around the brake hood. Consequently I decided to try the Reflex Helmet mirror from CycleAware.

What I Like About the CycleAware Reflex Helmet Mirror

There isn't much that I really like about the Reflex helmet mirror, but here is what I do like:

It's making me accustomed to riding without a mirror.

Replaced the brake hood-mounted mirror.

Easy to install.

Rotates easily, up and out of the way. Unfortunately that's exactly where it stays about 90% of the time.

Does not shake out of adjustment over rough roads.

General construction is excellent for something so cheap.

Price was right ($9.95).

What I Don't Like About the CycleAware Reflex Helmet Mirror

We're taught that if we have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. Whoops!

Blocks my vision, creating a fairly serious blind spot.

The mirror falls off its mount with the lightest touch. Several times a week the mirror falls off forcing me to turnaround and pick it up. I ride on several busy streets so this is not a pleasant occurrence. It also knocks my Average MPH to heck.

Almost impossible to adjust it to view directly behind me. I can see my shoulder, the oncoming lane, the sky, anything but want I want to see. Now if I tilt my head just right and angle my eyes up and to the left, it works. But I don't like taking my eyes off of a busy road.

Hard for me to focus on the small mirror.

The small mirror is…..too small.

The Bottom Line

I am glad I tried it but the last few rides I have not used it. If it cost more that $10 I would have returned it. I just cannot get used to it blocking my view, and the small mirror is very difficult to adjust to see anything more than my shoulder. Plus, I have to take my eyes off of the road to use it, which is not the safest thing to do on a busy road--the reason I feel I need a mirror in the first place. On a scale of 5 chainrings, the Reflex Helmet Mirror gets 1.

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